直播回放 新冠经济与健康中国 The Pandemic Economy and Healthy China
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1. 主讲人

刘国恩,经济学博士,北京大学全球健康发展研究院院长;北大国家发展研究院博雅特聘教授、学术委员会主席;中国卫生经济研究中心主任。《中美健康二轨对话》中方召集人,全国新冠肺炎专家组成员,国务院医改专家咨询委员会委员,中国药物经济学专业委员会主任委员。国际英文期刊《Health Economics》(SCI) 副主编,《中国药物经济学》期刊主编。刘国恩教授曾执教美国南加州大学(助理教授)、北卡大学教堂山分校(副教授)、北大光华管理学院(教授),担任2004-2005届“中国留美经济学会主席”。


3.主持人:施李正现任美国杜兰大学公共卫生和热带病学院卫生政策与管理系主任, Regents讲座教授, 中国留美经济学会会长2014-2015。主要研究领域为卫生技术评估和卫生经济。从2005年起独立承担超过30项研究课题,课题涉及卫生服务质量,成本,可及性与有效性




1.Speaker: Gordon G. Liu
Gordon G. Liu, PhD., is Dean of PKU Institute for Global Health and Development, BOYA Distinguished Professor of Economics at the PKU National School of Development, and Director of PKU China Center for Health Economic Research. Prof. Liu currently serves as co-organizer for the “US-China Track II Dialogue on Health”, and sits on the China National Expert Panel on COVID19, and the State Council Health Reform Advisory Commission. He is Associate Editor for academic journal of Health Economics (SCI), and the editor-in-chief for China Journal of Pharmaceutical Economics. Prior to joining Peking University, he served on fulltime faculty at University of Southern California (1994-2000), and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2000-2006). 
2. Topic: 
The Pandemic Economy and Healthy China
3. Chair:
Lizheng Shi, PhD, MsPharm, MA, is Regents Professor and Interim Chair in the Department of Health Policy and Management at the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine of Tulane University.  Dr. Shi’s current health services research interest focuses on chronic care management to improve healthcare quality, access, and cost of patient-centered care

4. Abstract:

Following the 2008 Great Recession, Chinese economy started a slowdown growth towards an expected quality-improving development trend. In response to the COVID19 outbreak, the economy contracted for over 4% due to both the supply and demand shocks. From the aggregate demand perspective, the role of household consumption still remains very low relative to that of most developed economies, offering a great room for more efficient improvement. In assessing conditions for the improvement potential, income redistribution and healthcare demand would serve as two major sources of the driving forces, which seem to be more enhanced by the pandemic. Owing to the labor-intensive nature of health care in general, its increasing trend as share of income would present two primary challenges. First, the growth of total factor productivity may be more limited, a constraining determinant of long-run economic growth. Second, healthcare inflation would become an increasingly pressing and largely disputing issue for the society. In an effort to contain healthcare inflation, the roles of aging, income, market competition, and technology diffusion would certainly make a central list of factors for evaluation and discussions. This lecture will be conducted along these lines.   

5. Time:
Tue., June 15, 9am-10am

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